different cultures and misunderstanding

God loves all His children individually and collectively (as a whole family). His love isn’t biased He loves all of us the same and I believe the difference between some and others is how deep into the ‘well’ of his love they have gone and how thirsty they are for it (His Love). There should be no spirit of envy and jealousy among us although of course there is but if you feel that way please consult the Master and describe your feelings so that he can heal your heart of insecurities. He’s faithful, He will do it for you. I’ve felt jealousy for a lot of people and I’m sure I will feel it again. But what will I do about it is the most important question/answer to that situation. Anyway, I was praying last night and God started to show me about all the different churches that are reserved for different cultures like , Phillipino church, Russian church, Armenian etc etc and that there is a misunderstanding among us as the body of Christ.

Language and Cultures obviously separates us and can cause confusion among us but I believe that with a good understanding of and desire for godly unity we can alll began to come together little, by little. God wants us to all communicate together and with technology now that is quite possible. Anyway that’s in my heart because there’s great power in numbers and i just want to meet some people that speak another language and live another culture (lol)

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
(John 1:12)

God bless


P.S What do you all think?


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