Hating on the Bible

Here’s a thought, someone wants you to describe who God is and describe sin but without the bible. This person is tried of Christians quoting scripture and would rather you use your own understanding or your own ideas. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. What that person fails to realize, in addition to Christians not remembering every verse in the bible is that, we’re just going to end up being a witness of what’s written. The word does this; it proves that the world is in need of some type of savior to stop the flow of sin in the personal life that then evolves socially…we’ve seen it since the Lord was taken up into Glory. We’ve seen the progress of everything, sexual impurity, hypocrisy, false teaching, false doctrine, false prophecy, operating under strange fire, satanism (the worship of self), the list goes on….The bible is a great guide to life and shows us our need for healing and deliverance through Jesus. It also points out that we are sinful and need Jesus, it’s not about the good works you do because God has already foreordained that we do good works anyway, it’s an issue of the heart of man. It is wicked and unknown even to whom it inhabits. When the heart of a person is that wicked only the creator of that person can know it (not you parents), God. He knows the thoughts and intentions of every human being on this planet. Some will ask, well if he’s all knowing why doesn’t he stop this killer, that rapist, that child molester or whatever. Well why doesn’t he stop you when you go into a store and steal candy, or when you lie to you spouse, or when you make fun of someone with the intent to heart them and lift up yourself? All sin is damnable and without redemption, you will die in your sins and be tormented with them for ever. If you cheat on you wife or husband and you justify it by saying that well this or that person is a killer or molester, with out Christ you are both going to Hell. In other words, if that killer or molester gets saved and you do good works in you community but never come to Christ, you’re going to Hell and that former killer, molester is going to heaven. Why? Because that person heard the word of God, was convicted and repented of their wicked ways. That idea that God saves you by your works is a lie. You need Jesus as Lord over you life


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