War of Ages Fanship

In 2009 I faced some of the most heart wrenching moments of my life; my father in a comma, having problems finding work, a tumultuous relationship that was never God’s plan in the first place combined with everyone’s favorite illness, depression. Needless to say  I was in the utter gutters emotionally & financially.

During my bout with depression and all the other issues, I turned to music  as a form of therapy to help me battle back from what I faced.  Searching YouTube I found quite a few Christian Metal Bands like, For Today, Sleeping Giant, and Living Sacrifice.   But my highlight band discovery was War Of Ages. Songs like “Salvation”, “All Consuming Fire”, & “Deception of Strongholds” encouraged and kept me alive.  Their solos and riffs felt & sounded like God was using their hands  musically to wage war on every negative  emotion in my heart. And through their music God was healing me.

Matthew 11: 12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.

I really believe that when we are on our backs, on the ground God wants us to fight with all we have with our will and emotions; our very soul and trust him in our work of Faith that He will continue to bring us our of darkness. And that is not only effective in the sounds of music, but also our prayer life, reading the word, speaking the word in our situations. If we do these things with great faith and tenacity, we cannot fail.

Here are some songs from War of Ages. Listen and enjoy:


“All Consuming Fire”

“Deception of Strongholds”

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