What Should I Write?

Therapy Writing, the remedial stages  you pass as  you create anger, regret, sorrow, guilt, happiness and  excitement  and joy in a story or article. When I became a Christian in 2002 I immediately began putting my thoughts on paper. I felt a sense of urgency to express everything I was feeling about my new life.  As I wrote and recorded my life I thought a lot about fictional writing, I was also subdued.  “Is writing fiction a sin?” I thought to myself.  Did God only want me to write bible studies and arguments against non-Christian world views?  What should I write? I put away the emerging desire for fictional writing. I put it a way for 3 years.

In 2009, I went through a tumultuous situation involving, my father, a terrible relationship, & employment.   Those ordeals were such a brunt to my  emotion and the  response was anger. I spent a lot of time in thought and self reflection, much prayer and struggling to  rely on God amidst all of the “drama”.   But that’s not all I did to get through that time.  I wrote.  I started & finished at least 4 short stories 2 longer stories that i never finished, poems (not sure the number) and a host of biblical blog articles.  A lot of times we built up the animosity  and anger, we feel hurt and don’t know how to handle it.  I’ve found that writing is an excellent passage to healing and clarity when you’re out of ideas to alleviate the stress of a situation.  Though I don’t see writing as a miracle worker for depression, I believe and have experience it as an excellent aid.


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