Blog Review: Blasphemy

-Kimberly Brock

Blasphemy is the act of taking the Lord’s name in vain, weather it’s by using Gods name as a curse word, or by professing to be a Christian but not living up to God’s requirements of salvation.”

How many of us can admit to taking the Lord’s name in vain as described above? How often do we get angry and blurt out the name, “Jesus Christ” as a form of cursing? Many of us have and it’s a very negative thing to do. If we are saved and understand the power and status in the name of Jesus Christ we will understand that He should not be spoken of in a disrespectful manner. Dillon explains in his writing that those that speak thename of the Lord in a disrespectful way cannot be forgiven if it’s not confessed. To be forgiven of any sin that we’ve committed in our life we must confess. Not every single sin like some faiths would lead you to believe but a general confession of your sins. We’ve committed so many that we can’t possibly remember every single wrong doing. Yet as we do these evil things God has given us a way to escape His wrath and mature beyond the foolish things that we do. And that is being converted from wickedness to righteousness as Dillon explains :

All God wants is for you to put your faith in Jesus Christ, who was willing to give his life so you could be forgiven and receive eternal life.”

Blasphemy by Dillon Driscoll


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