Blog Review: Homosexuality

-Kimberly Brock

“… why do you think God asks us to come to him? God ask us to come as we are, because as we are, we are fallible sinful creatures incapable of paying the debt for our own sins, and need Jesus to change us and give us salvation.”

Homosexuality, in recent years has come a very engaging topic in religion, performing arts & government. Same sex marriage is constantly in the news as “Gay Agenda” groups push for it’s acceptance among the American people and accusations of bigotry to those who oppose same sex acts. In this blog Dillion explains to us why Homosexuality is not of God, “When God created man, he created a woman for that man. His first creations were Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Here is a scripture to validate. “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable” He’s teaching us through God’s word the standard that he’s set for relationships. A woman belongs to a man and a man belongs to a woman as ordained by God. Homosexuality is a tough struggle but God wants us to be free and Dillon does a very good job at teaching the love of God an the consequence of sin, or in this case Homosexual acts..

Homosexuality by Dillon Driscoll


2 thoughts on “Blog Review: Homosexuality

  1. It is pathetic how mankind attempts to change God’s word to fit his or her lifestyle. Homosexuals claim that they are born gay and can not help it. The bible is clear about homosexuality. In one verse in Leviticus it says that it is an abomination. Leviticus also mentions that it is wrong to have incest and sex with animals. The apostle Paul talks about homosexuality as well.
    If God allowed us to be born gay, that would mean that we have no choice. Without choice, we are doomed to eternal damnation.
    We have two choices. We can sin, or follow God. We are born into sin, not born sinners. If we were born to sin, people could justify all sin and continue in it. This would mean that people are born to steal or born to kill.
    We all sin and we are all sinners. Therefore we are not to judge one another for our sins. BUT, we are not to tolerate God’s word being changed to fit one’s lifestyle. It is our life that needs to change to fit God’s word. Do not condemn the sinner and do no condone the sin.


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