Blog Review: Witnessing

Blog Review : Witnessing

-Kimberly Brock

As a Christian one of our most important responsibilities is expressing the importance of Salvation. Salvation is being renewed by the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. Our life’s defining moment is answering His call and accepting the reality of a totally reformatted lifestyle.

Romans 12:2 calls us to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Our minds are renewed by God’s word and a continuous effort to be transformed in His image.

The writer importantly expresses the need to evangelize (although fear of rejection may be a factor), the value of God’s word, and the need to step out in faith. And while it’s true that most often we aren’t sure of exactly what to say to those we know God wants to reach, the writer gives some very useful tips to initiate conversation about the Lord.

what do you say when you’re witnessing? There are many things you could say, but some things are more effective then others. First you should ask the person your talking to what their religious background is so you know what your dealing with.”

He makes a very important point that we have to know the type of believer we’re encountering. Some of us have very complex religious backgrounds and at least foundational knowledge of it while witnessing will create an angle for

your execution.

If they are not already Christians, ask them If they know what God did for them so that they do not have to go to hell.”

The statement above is a very difficult bridge to cross because many do not even understand why God would do anything for them let alone their need for salvation. But it’s an essential one and the writer make’s this clear. He after wards began to go into the knowledge of sin via the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses. The Ten Commandments are our guide to knowing exactly what sin is and understanding that these sins lead tospiritual death and an ignorant unbeliever would probably not know what sin is or even believe that they are a bad person, because who wants to believe that they are bad or do wickedness?

Romans 3:10 that not one person in the entire world is righteous, not a single person. “

God has set a standard for us to live by and He has created a blessing for us in the person of Christ. As Christians we are filled with joy by our adoption into God’s family we certainly want that for others by speaking what we’ve witnessed by living a sanctified lifestyle. If you’re struggling with being a witness but you have the desire to be, read the original posting, utilize the steps given and you will began to witness confidently and successfully.

Witnessing by Dillon Driscoll


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