Honesty…Rarely Can We Be

Why is it so hard for people to be honest?  Either to ourselves or those we consider close to us, we lie, manipulate, deceive, & string along.  Is their a gain from our dishonesty?  Maybe, we’re trying to hold off the truth until we believe we are stable enough to speak and be ourselves without reserve. 

Bill Clinton responds to allegations of sexual misconduct with intern Monica Lewinsky

What captivated me about this speech was that President Clinton lied with such confidence and vigor he could have fooled anyone, and I’m sure that he did. Also, he began the speech by glorifying his plans for education, which at that time was the most important issue in  America.

Red Herrings   are very popular in Politics.  The goal is for the Politician to guide the listener away from the original issue.

“The proper way to lie”

President Clinton wanted us to first praise him for the good things he’d done for the Nation. And when he told us that he did not have any sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky we  were read to sympathize with him. He was the victim and accused of a crime he did not commit.

This is a very good video.  President Clinton addresses why he lied and why most people lie; to protect themselves, their families, etc. People lie to protect themselves first, and foremost.  Dishonesty is a selfish act.


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