Theater/Angry Woman Dream; February 17

In this particular dream, I went to this Theater House for a kids play put on by this guy named John  whom I’ve known and had feelings for, for a while.  I was waiting for the show to start when suddenly I was standing across the street from this guy i dated 2 years ago, and I saw him and suddenly i became really angry.  He saw me and went the opposite direction. I followed him into what I thought was a  coffee shop, but was a house for squatters.
When I saw him I went up to him and started yelling at him. “Why did you hurt me?!?!? ” 

And when he  tried to explain, he was really high on drugs and alcohol and was speaking incoherently.  Then, again I was back at the Theater House and people were congratulating t John on doing a good job. I missed the show. After  that, I awoke.


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