In the midst of all the turmoil, my life has shown flashes of great progress.  I landed a steady job in December 2010, and my 2nd job is on it’s way.  Although it’s not money that’s my sole focus, it’s actually keeping busy and working toward a goal that’s almost 7 years old, becoming a writer.  To be honest, I’ve never really felt that I could accomplish much in my lifetime.  Mostly due to my impoverish background. Yet, as I’ve gotten older and gained wisdom through experiences I’ve learned that the desires that I have , I have for a reason and purpose. I’ve never had such a burning desire to become a writer than at any time in my whole life. But I’ve come to understand at this stage in my life is that to help me become a writer it must first start with the process of my thoughts.  They must  be consistent, strong and positive.

To have thoughts that are poor & worthless is to tell yourself that you haven’t a chance at success, and again, it’s not about financial gain it’s about a fulfillment of goals that you have made for your lifetime. Accomplishing your hearts desires, and the power and manifestation of positive thinking.


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