JournalEntry- “Left Unsaid”

I’ll admit, I am a bit uptight. But I’d like to note that I’ve chosen wisely what to be uptight about. I’ve noticed people don’t necessarily have the standards they used to and compromise themselves to get what they want from others. But that isn’t what I want to address. Recently at work, a co-worker made a sexual joke towards me that made me quite uncomfortable.  Then said “It was just a joke” when I reacted negatively. I really wish people would not misunderstand me so often. I realize that I behave differently than other people. Than most people, maybe. One of the reasons for this is that I still have some characteristics of a person born of God in some of my decision making. Also, I credit my standards to the way that I was raised. Although I was very sheltered as a child, and teenager, some of the sheltering has stopped me from making too many careless decisions.

Sexual jokes on the job in my opinion are incredibly inappropriate and rude to those that may mistakenly hear you. Our society is very sexually motivated and it’s socially acceptable to make dirty jokes, and tell dirty stories in order to gain acceptance. I’d like to feel like I was disrespected, but I’ll just settle for it being a joke that was told ignorantly.


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