JournalEntry- “Theater /Angry Woman Dream”

in the dream I went to this play house for a kids play put on by this guy named J. whom I’ve liked for a long time. I was waiting for things to get started then all of a sudden i was standing across the street from this guy i dated 2 years ago (D), and I saw him and suddenly i became really angry. He saw me and tried to go the other direction

I followed him into this coffee shop, what I thought was, but it was like this house for squatters.

When I saw him I went up to him and started yellin at him. “why did you hurt me? ” really loud.

And when he was trying to explain, he was really high on drugs and alcohol and I couldn’t understand anything that he was saying. Then all of a sudden I was back at the playhouse and people were congratulating the guy J. on doing a good job then I woke up.

Anything you receive from God will be much appreciated by me.  Thank you


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