JournalEntry- “Tornado Dream”

Last night (5/11/2011) I had a dream my sister and I were at my Grandma’s house in her living room talking.  Suddenly, we received word that there was a Twister in the area, when I looked outside I saw a Tornado coming toward the house. I could see every part of it  forming and turn slowing, from afar.  When I saw the Tornado I tried to run and hide but every room I tried to run into would be destroyed from the roof  by the Tornado. I tried running into two different  rooms.  When I tried running into a third room the Tornado vanished.  My sister and I were standing in the hallway of the house when a man comes into the hallway that I either have a relationship with or I’m married to and  says, “You left me outside”, I didn’t have anything to say. Then I woke up.

Any feed  back would be much appreciate.


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