JournalEntry -“David”

I once met a man named David. He made me laugh. We talked over the phone about 3 times a month for 5 years. He knew God. He saw my pictures. He liked me as a person. He encouraged me with his words and I liked him for it. Over time we got to know each other. We had so many laughs, and some cries.

I went through a rough season. I was angry at God. Life got hard for me. During that time David wasn’t a round. I didn’t want him or anyone around, so we only spoke once. I waited for my life to settle down. And when my life settled, I picked up the phone and called David. We caught up on old times. But our friendship wasn’t the same after that. We spoke significantly less then before, and after a while not much at all.

I found company with other men. I held on to my purity until twenty-two years old, I wanted to share that with my friend. I called him soon after, we spoke and he called more often. I liked that.

David started to go through difficulties with his church and family. Much like me, he wanted to leave the church, but opted to stay longer. He was gone 6 months later. He told me “I’m going to party and chill.” He partied on a yacht. I was jealous. I haven’t lived. I was angry that he was leaving me behind; story of my life. I warned him to come back to God. We stopped talking. We haven’t spoken since. He’s getting married now.


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