Spiritual Sight

Hurt is a universal reaction to being wronged in any type of relationship, so is sadness.  But there’s a great remedy for our feelings and a good pathway to  healing from the hurt we’ve experienced: Looking beyond the imperfection of the person and seeing them as God would see them.  Any interaction with good intentions should be expressed (I believe) from one heart to another.  Speaking from the heart with good intentions is the greatest way to express your pain, express your regret and guilt for your part in the situation that may have reflected negatively on your character.  God’s ability to bring healing and restoration to a situation is far more potent and possible than what we  can accomplish through our expressions of anger and the demand for an explanation.  Speak from your hearts good intentions.  Allow yourself time to assess the situation, and the Lord to give you your assignment on your road to healing.  Be open, be honest, be yourself and have faith that every thing will work out.


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