My Biggest Fear(s)…Didn’t Happen

One of my largest fears as a child was becoming a drug addict like the unfortunate plight of both my parents. Luckily, that did not happen.  But you never know what traps may be set along the road, but for now, I’m blessed.  My other big fear was having a child at a young age.  Well, I’m 26 and still free of baby responsibilities.  Ahhh, freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom.  I have confidence in the fact that I’m neither financially nor emotionally prepared to care for a child. However, I respect all mothers and fathers who take on the responsibility of raising future adults. It’s a huge responsibility that some take on very well and with patience.  Take notice I said some. There are some parents out there that truly suck, and don’t care that they do. Anyway, I guess that’s it for my childhood fears.

Now on to my adult fears (Yes, I have em’) Probably a big one is I’ll never get married.  My African friends think it’s weird I’m not married yet but, I guess 26 is old over there. My other fear which really isn’t a fear anymore is I’ll never become a [paid] writer.  Well, I know deep down in my soul that’s going to happen.  I have no doubts in my heart about it.  I suppose that’s one thing in my life that has my finite, yet absolute  confidence and optimism. When you know you just know …


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