Lecrae Cypher and a Crowded Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


A few nights ago at the Hip Hop BET Awards, rap artist Lecrae introduced himself to the secular mainstream as a believe in Jesus Christ and rap artist.  He was invited there I’d imagine because of his skill, and he did a good job at professing Christ among the nonsense that others rapped about. Many Christians began to judge Lecrae for his participation in the Cypher claiming, “he sold out”, “he conformed to the world.” “Oh brother,” I thought because he was among these people he immediately sold his soul to the Devil. C’mon people, get real. Didn’t Jesus send 70 disciples out into the city to minister the gospel? Did those people conform to the world because they went into the unsaved peoples’ household? According to your judgements, yes.

What God showed me at two different times : I was walking out of a CVS and got put the cypher Lecrae did on my heart, and He said “MISSIONS” loud and clear. What Lecrae did was missionary work. The next day evening I went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to study. While I was there the shop became really crowded with people on dates, or just meeting with friends. Then God started to show me these people and say “they don’t love me”, “they don’t know me. what are you going to do?” My response: “pray for them” God’s response: “why won’t you preach to them?” My response: “Because I’m scared” Don’t you see? Don’t you see that some of our judgements are out of fear of what we won’t do?! How many of us would profess Jesus as Lord in a room full of wicked, blind, wretched people, and be unashamed? How many of you are too insecure in your faith to let people know what you believe as a gate for them to be set free by the power and presence of our living God? C’mon. The judgements are ridiculous and are expressed in fear and pride.  I admire Lecrae. He’s unashamed.


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