Jobless, Unemployed, Going Broke,Hard Times…But I Tried to Prepare

Joblessness in the United States is growing. I read a Los Angeles Times article recently that stated 46 million people are living below or at poverty level. For this reality to be at the very back door of my American Dream is disheartening, and frightening (although it is quite possible the American Dream died sometime in the 80s with that whole globalization thing).

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, California my whole life, and I would be making an understatement if I said I did not see the differences now verses 10 year old me riding  through Hollywood and South Bay in my dad’s car.

Lately, there’s been a growing movement of film activists that are desperately fighting to keep movie filming in Los Angeles. Films, Los Angeles, it’s the perfect utopia for “transplanters” packing up their college brand backpacks and heading west with dreams of fame and fortune.  But I have to ask: What about us regular people ? People who want to simply work and/or go to school until we’ve reached our career goals? My sole aspiration is to becoming a writer. But  I feel the various jobs of “The Industry” tapping me on the shoulder, encouraging me to give at least one of them a try. I resist, though.  Do I eventually want to be an industry writer? For kicks. No pressure required. I’d definitely make up something for the screen.  But I don’t want to feel pulled into an industry because it’s most available because of my location. I want options. I want extensive endless encouraging options. All I have at the moment is Chipotle job fairs, and random calls from the University of Phoenix, the fake one.

Low wage jobs used to be reserved  for high school and first year college students, but with the increase of immigration those jobs are now reserved for 30-40-something year old moms and dads who aren’t well learned in the English language, but need a job and income quickly. I’m not mad at you ladies and gentlemen, you’re doing what you have to do to survive, and yet the young people can’t preserve themselves through the beginning years of driving, or saving for college because their opportunities are limited. And this my friends is what I believe can create and onslaught of joblessness; in addition to, that globalization thing I mentioned early, which is one of the destroyers of this nations work force.  Thank you Corporate America: your greed has caused hardships for gazillions of people, and the really absurd thing is, you response is to drain our pockets more.  Recently, banks such as; Bank of America, CitiBank and Wells Fargo all made plans to charge their customers monthly for their debit card use. Banks are charging their customers to withdraw and pay with their own money.  Can someone help me make sense of this?  This is their answer to their own mis-handlings and hardships. Stick it to the people. We aren’t just seeing this with banks, but corporate companies are laying off their workers to preserve themselves with no regard for how these people will pay their rent, mortgages, cars or most importantly, food. It’s sad and is a direct reflection of “the love of money being the root of evil…”

I gave my blog post the title because I’m facing a difficult time myself.  I recently got employed by the local sporting venue in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) but because of the NBA’s “lockout” I may not work at all, not to mention the job is by seniority. In addition to that, my unemployment has run out again, and given the one day I worked at the sporting venue (a training class that lasted 3 1/2 hours) , when I renew my claim my insurance will give me probably $60 per week. Not a good situation. Through my situation I have this great obligation to myself to keep my head up and stay encouraged.  The whole country is feeling this.  You can feel the  vibes of anger and frustration. People have taken to their respective  cities’  government buildings to protest Corporate America and it’s greed. Can we place out hope in humanity, again? Can we rely on each other that we may dig ourselves out of the mess we created? Is this the Lord showing us that money is not important, but love, and He’s moving us into an era that will force us to love and rely on each other? I’m sure time will tell.

Kimberly Brock



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