Two Interviews Later No Takers

Are You Going to Hire Me, or Not?


I’ve had two job interviews within the last week, and I was not hired for either job.  The most recent job I interviewed for, a marketing company did not even hold my interest as I was being interviewed.  Absolute Marketing is a  company that holds events at electronic stores such as, Best Buy and Fry’s, and Sam’s Club.  They are responsible for selling DirectTV memberships.  I was immediately skeptical because I was contacted for the job, instead of the normal “apply and contact”.  Interviews were held on the same floor as a law firm in Culver City’s Corporate Pointe, near the Fox Hills Mall.  The interview who’s name I immediately forgot (Alex?!?) told me they are looking for people they can hire and began to train as managers.  I am not sure why they need managers if the job is for marketing.  Whatever.  Alex  also mentioned to me that Absolute Marketing was under a lot of pressure from DirecTV to produce  sales and that is where they needed my help.  I respectfully declined.


The first job I applied for, Dog Haus Beirgarten is a cool concept fast food place that serves Hot dogs, Sausages, and Hamburgers, as well as a full bar and stage for live music.

I love a good chili dog with onions and jalepenos. Yums!

Live music is oh so fun!

Dog Haus was my number one place to work. I prayed hard to work here because I wanted a fast pace, yet flexible job that would not interfere with school.  I waited about a day, and while sitting in my Cinema 3 class (History of Motion Picture) I got the news that they hired someone  else. I will admitt, I was very upset, so upset that I left class half an hour early because I could not concentrate.  I absolutely knocked out that interview, answering all of their questions and letting them know my availability was very open.  Here I am sitting in the library of LACC expressing my pain over not getting the job that I wanted.   I’m sure you have been there, too.  But while I may be disappointed at being rejected I must, as always, press on and continue to put myself out there for employers. One of them will be a taker.


2 thoughts on “Two Interviews Later No Takers

  1. Great article about Absolute Marketing,
    this is the 2nd marketing place that has emailed me and on the same day, first they both emailed me, then they called me, thank goodness for the internet. I noticed that both of the jobs are in the same location in culver city, then I read the reviews about them, not my cup of tea, and my background is in law, and I have been a receptionist for over 30 years. I need the job but this would be a complete waste of time for me. Thanks for the review.


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