Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer?

Lately I’ve pondered the fact that there are some prayers God does not answer, rather, there are some related to me personally that he has not answer. From my childhood years, until my current age, 27, I can think of three prayers specifically God has not answer.

The first prayer: I prayed that my parents would get off of drugs and come and get me. I was raised by my grandmother  whom I love dearly, but I always wanted parents, I longed for them to care for me, to love me, and for us all, including my brothers and sisters to be a family, a real family, but that never happened. I can remember as a child my parents telling me “we’re going to come and get you and take care of you”, and that would make me so excited and hopefully; obviously, my parents lied. I would ask God why won’t they come and get me and never had a reply, until I was much older. The second prayer: That my dad would wake up from his coma, you see, in 2008 my dad suffered two strokes, one in January, and the second in December. From the second, stroke he has not recovered. In a sense, we are all still holding out hope, unfortunately, when I visit my dad, he is not recognizable. I don’t know who that physically-deprived man is laying motionless in that hospital bed hooked up to wires. I think the soul of my father has long gone to the created, and in selfishness of my older sibling who will remain not revealed, that remains to be un-believed. The third prayer is for companionship, for LOVE. At around 19 years old I began to ask God for a husband. Since Jesus said “Ask the Father anything in my name, and I will do it” (something to that effect), I believed it, and did.  It has been 8 years since I began to pray that prayer, and I have been singe for two and a half years, and celibate for one year. I believe that my celibacy has been well disciplined through extensive replies to men of the word “NO”, and yet as deeply as I have sacrificed my self for the sake of Sanctification, and my love for the Creator, my prayers still haven’t been answer. I wonder, when people claim they have found Love, and even I know that they have, “what makes them so much more prepared and grounded than me that You (God) have given them companionship, while I remain feeling a sense of depravity and rejection in my patience for companionship?” Whenever I bring up questioning the Creator and His doings, I am responded to with the phrase “You probably aren’t ready yet” , and “God does things in His own timing” Do they not realize the heartache in loneliness? And didn’t God say something to the effect “It is not God for man to be alone” (In Genesis)? Although he was referring to a male, you get the jist of my words. It is probably not good for a Human Being to be alone. Please don’t be mistaken this isn’t at all a plea for SEX, it is a desire for friendship, companionship, and love. God has yet to meet my personal request to offer myself to another.

So, what I mentioned above are the three main prayers in my life that God did not, or has yet to answer. I cannot determine whether or not a “no reply” to what I desire has made me question God, but these are/were the most important prayers I prayed, and  God hasn’t answered. What’s funny is all my material needs have always been met (food, finances). But, I want substance. I want Him to meet my desires for relationship.

Thank you for reading

Kimberly Brock



2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer?

  1. As you know already, God does things on his own timetable. A marriage that is long enduring and stable, is a big step and nothing to rush. A lifetime with a spouse is a lot longer than when you first asked until now.
    Many times when we ask, he may answer, but either we don’t listen or we see the answer and don’t realize it. We only want to see our own will to be done. That’s human nature.
    Commitment usually has only one direction. That is your desire to stay focussed, on what is or should be important. Have you finished everything that you have started, such as school, a dream, or career? What will a marriage or family do to them? We need to ask, what is your will God?
    Moses prayed and prayed to be allowed into the promised land. Finally God told him, don’t ask again. So pray unceasingly as Paul said. Also, Abraham prayed for a son. Araham did it his way and God did not bless his first son. It was not until he was well into his 90’s before Isaac was born.
    I hope this is a help to you, keep praying and ask him to reveal the answer. He may have something for you more rich and rewarding. It is our duty to glorify God, not him glorifying us.


    1. I understand that marriage is a lifelong committment. But I think that God has ignored a long standing desire that I’ve had. I started praying for a compaionship when I was 19 years old, I am 27 now, and I don’t understand what makes one person who may be in school or working an hourly job who has found their companion different than me? I want a real answer as opposed to the same old “God does things in His timing”, I mean, I can barely make friends without something happening that makes the friendship die, and Iam left crying to God in my loneliness. I am so exhausted of dealing with the same things over and over, or the same emotions over and over. I’d like a resolve, or some type of show for what I have invested in prayer.


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