Still in Consideration


I am currently in my school’s library  searching videos via YouTube regarding why God doesn’t answer prayer, and whether or not God exists. Most of the answers to the former is that He doesn’t answer our prayers of they aren’t what He wants for our life. Like I mentioned in my previous post about my father’s stroke, maybe God did not want my father and I to formulate a bond, and I have to accept that. But if I desired that was a selfish, or greedy? Or was I not synced with God’s will? Lastly, regardless of what was in my heart God still said, “no your dad wll not be wit you long?”

  Christianity sometimes forces us not to pay attention to things that would other wise cause us not to believe, labeling it “faith”. I feel like whatever it is I pursue, whatever I am being patient for I want to know why. I don’t feel comfort in taking orders just because. Neither do I accept ignoring lingering issues and calling it “having faith”.

Thank you for reading

Kimberly Brock

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. (John 14:14)


One thought on “Still in Consideration

  1. Patience is something that I have struggled with for most of my life. The longer I live, the more I learn about God and patience. The most important thing about patience is, I can’t or don’t glorify God by being impatient.
    When I do things on my own without asking Him for help, it usually takes me longer, costs me more, or the results just aren’t what I want or expect.
    Also, I may have someone watching me, either as a follower, or a busybody. The follower may be steered in the wrong direction or the busybody may use my actions against me.


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