The Stadium – Los Doyers


     I work at a extremely famous Stadium [See above photo]. Apart of my work includes servicing some very wealthy Angelenos, and transplanters alike. When I first got the job, I was very excited to be amongst the elite. I assumed that these people were some of the kindest people because of our extent to make sure their experience was excellent. I believe now I was so mistaken. Mostly you’re ignored while serving their food, I mean they barely look at  you while they snatch their food out of your hands. When I politely ask them if they need napkins, either my voice is too low or the “guest” is too busy ignoring me to notice I am trying to assist them in keeping their mouths clean. They expect a lot from us. Food should never go away, even though at some point it has to because the cooks, servers and runners have families they want to go home to. Not to mention I am constantly  throwing trash away for people who are too lazy or afraid they’ll miss something with the game.
     Our service to them goes largely unnoticed. Maybe it is because we are hardly looked upon as people, unless we are giving them their escape a.k.a ALCOHOL “The Cure All”. Anyway I am moving away from the point. Apart of service is extending as much of yourself as you can to the customer. But when you feel you’re well beneath them it is a very condescending feeling, although it motivates me to be educated. I can’t see myself doing those type of work year after year (I have been in The Stadium since 2010).
   In conclusion, what is it with wealthy and rich-wannabes anyway? Why are they so ungrateful and obnoxious? Why does their money forever provide them a reason to treat service workers like second-class citizens? And why as I experience these types of people more and more the idea of wealth becomes increasingly less appealing?


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