Today, I visited my Grandma in the hospital. Today is also her 84th birthday.  She was taken to the hospital Thursday night after my uncle had a hard time waking her up. When she finally awoke, she was mumbling and saying things he did not understand, so he called paramedics. After my sister and I visited her today, we found out it was a bladder infection amd dehydration. The doctors will also run some other tests like a CT scan. Talking to my grandma gave me incredible relief. She seemed OK although she was pretty sad she wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday like she planned. But I am personally thankful to God that so far nothing serious has emerged.

Thank you for reading
Kimberly Brock


One thought on “Grandma

  1. Hi Kimberly…My name is Jayme. My wife (Grace) and I must have spoken with you the day we gave you the “Who Are You Following” booklet we made. Sorry it’s taken me so long to check out your site and writings…been very busy as of late. Glad you’ve been enjoying what we have been writing on our blog. Hope to hear more from you soon!


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