A Not-so-Very-Thought-Out List of Reasons I don’t want Children

Children are a HUGE responsibility! Also with the staggering number of people that do not care about their children, birthing one can be especially painful in that aspect. Thus, the reason I have created a mentalist of reasons I do not want Children

1. Scared to death of the responsibility-For the next 20 years I would be responsible for the financial, physical and emotional well being of someone other than myself…

2. I’m broke- I can barely take care of myself

3. Emotions – I put my self in the “I got issues club”

4. My parents did not raise me- Left with minimal examples of good, healthy parenting…I do not know.

5. If he leaves?- No way on earth I can sucessfully raise a child by myself. I need a man to help (Marriage Probably)


I do not know what the future holds, or if my thinking will change by God’s grace, but for now…The answer is no.


2 thoughts on “A Not-so-Very-Thought-Out List of Reasons I don’t want Children

  1. You have a very good head on your shoulders for weighing in on this subject. It is better to be clear in your own mind in order to convey your concerns toward someone that may be thinking of their own pleasures at the time, and not thinking of the ramifications and or the responsibilities of the future.
    However, very few people know how to be a good parent until they are holding their own child for the first time. Most of the disciplines associated with parenting come from good morals and knowing what it means to be responsible.
    Happiness does not come from having money or material things. Happiness comes from being content with what we have and still being able to help otherslike God intends. Charity does not mean giving money, but giving time and patience to those in need. It could be a friend, a neighbor, a widow/ widower, an aquaintance, coworker aa stranger, and yes, even our children. The greatest thing to give our children is our time.


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