Giving to the Poor Has Become Very Important to Me Lately

Evolving from a very selfish couple of years because of some hurts and pains, I have made more of an effort to give.

Living in Los Angeles affords you ears to so many various “sob” stories, so much so, you automatically tune out their broke pleas. I had a friend tell me that they don’t give because of fear the person would use their funds for drugs or alcohol, and while i understand that as a pretty valid reason, our responsibility is not how they spend the money it is our willingness to give understanding that we will in return receive something; especially if you think of this in a godly way.

I must say, in conclusion, that so far giving selflessly has been a blesssing to me. Not only has giving blessed me but it is making me more aware of how I spend my money and connsequences of overspending. Giving is a true blessing.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “Giving to the Poor Has Become Very Important to Me Lately

  1. That is a lasting virtue on your part. To give and not expect to receive anything in return, is the kind of works that we will be judged by in the end. Good for you.
    Giving is part of the Christian life. Unfortunately, many Christians don’t give enough or understand the importance of giving. Jesus Christ gave his life for us, how much more can we give than that? I would most likely not give money to a poor person, but I would try to give them what I can. This may be a coat, shoes, clothes, etc. I would even give them of my own free time to help in any capacity I can. If it is a monetary solution that they need, I give what I can to the church and let them decide what to do with it.


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