Find Where You Fit In

At times, I find much difficulty in fitting in with my peers.  I remember talking to a guy on the Metro Blue Line here in Los Angeles and him asking “Why do you talk like that???” I went to both Junior High and High School in San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles County with predominately white students, and so his question translated to “Why do you sound white???” I don’t put a color on how I articulate my words, although, I think I sound education, if anything.

I have felt a sense of rejection from my own color (black) of people because I don’t fit how some act or speak. Often feeling rejected I have made the decision long ago, and routinely revisited to be myself regardless of what others might be thinking. I thought to myself, “Why do I have to be ‘ghetto’ to be acceptable amongst my own group of people and why does this level of rejection hurt me so deeply and I am judged for that? It is a bit stupid if you ask me.

I am accepting of myself. Also being yourself and not bowing to the rejection you might face opens the door to meet all kinds of people and experiences…Be yourself.


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