I Hate Race Talk (Conversational Nonsense! )

Let me start off by saying, WE ARE EQUAL. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d like to describe the nonsense I hear “around the table” talking to my family members: “Ya know, the blacks don’t help each other, like the whites do” “The whites don’t care about nobody but themselves.” “You can only take [being around] whites in small doses, huh?” asked my Uncle one day. “Are you ignorant?’ I thought to myself. Anyway, all of this chatter about how “White America” has it out for the black race, in unison with all the  chatter I hear among black people (my family included) serves me no indication that the “white man” is out to get me. In fact, the malarkey that I hear is an direct indication of black people and their cultivated hatred towards whites. I am not letting the gavel fall on my own race because racism is prevalent among us all unfortunately. But my point is that it makes little sense that you’re pleading for justice while justifying your own racism, it’s ignorant and describes an unlearned individual.

Back to my family…

To sit around at visits and holiday functions having to hear their talk (negative) about whites, hispanic, asians, etc…, makes me apprehensive to bring anyone I may date in the future around them, and the reason for this is that I frequently date outside of my race, because I find white men attractive, even as a young girl, I thought they were, and since then I’ve struggled wondering if there was something wrong with me, and the feeling that I may have betrayed my own race by going outside of it. Now, I don’t see things that way, but I still fear bringing whomever I wind up with around my family because I for see judgement. It’s so bad I’ve even had nightmares about having a child by a man who’s white and my family being absolutely furious over it. I really do think that we are all equal and at this point in our world the only thing that is separating us is our economic stance, other than that, we are all of the human race, we do all the normal things that as a HUMAN RACE that really should not separate us, and truly does not if you look closely.

Question: If this was your family, how would you deal with this? How would you approach dating, would you convey to your love interest, or even your friends that you family is intolerant of other races besides their own?

Kimberly Brock



5 thoughts on “I Hate Race Talk (Conversational Nonsense! )

  1. Not everyone is equal, to think that is complete nonsense. Are all Dog races equal?
    Our races have developed on different places with different climates and have different attributes and act different because they have lived in different societies. I am not saying that (just using an example) asians are superior to indians or whatever, but there are racial differences, just as there should be.


  2. Long time no talk….just thought I’d make a comment on this article/post of yours, which I enjoyed. I absolutely believe we are ALL equal. Different, yes, but undeniably EQUAL still. Not sure what the point is the person was making above, as it SEEMED like they can’t tell the difference between being different and being equal…as if the two were mutually exclusive! Ha!

    I wanted to ask you something, which I think could be a springboard for further discussion. When I last spoke with you, (in person) you said you were a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus myself. What do you think of verses like “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28) in relation to “Race Talk” as you have phrased it?

    I believe that putting labels on races on only serves to divide us. “Black Pride” “White Pride” “Brown Pride” “Gay Pride” all seem to be helpful in some sense to become more identified with our ancestry.

    I’ll even take it one step further. “African American” is a term I don’t use, because I see it as another source of division. Why would I be labeled as “White” on any form, and yet other races are broken down into more specific categories of origination? Why would the forms that we all fill out from time to time not have a whole list of sub categories like “German American” “Irish American” “Polish American”…doesn’t it seem a little absurd?

    I have heard black people use the word caucasian when they are speaking to me, but I immediately make a joke with them about how sterile the term is, and how, if they are honest, they would never refer to white people like that when not speaking to one.

    You are not truly black, meaning your skin tone is not black as we all understand the literal color black. Even the darkest black person still cannot qualify as absolutely black. I am not truly white, in exactly the same way. I am some pale-ish, non-descript color.

    Anyway, I could ramble on some more. BTW, I am white, but I was raised among mostly black people.


    1. Oops! I meant to go a bit further in one of my sentences above, which I’ll re paste here, expanded:

      “I believe that putting labels on races on only serves to divide us. “Black Pride” “White Pride” “Brown Pride” “Gay Pride” all seem to be helpful in some sense to become more identified with our ancestry and such. But where does it really get us? If we are alone with our families and discussions like the ones you have mentioned come up and members of our families and/or friends just sit around bitching and moaning about other races, it only proves that the “divide and conquer” tactic used best by the great deceiver himself is working very well.

      “Pride” is also another favorite tool of Satan. Seems like it’s the very thing that got him fired from his former position. I am not “proud” to be white…I had no choice in the matter! (But neither am I ashamed). I understand the typical arguments used to defend the idea of being “proud of who you are” but you can only go so far in life with that mindset. eventually, you’re gonna have to get along with people who are very different from you, so you may as well focus on your similarities instead of the rather insignificant differences. We’re all human, and we all have histories.


    2. Hey. I agree with your words. I also agree with Galatians although I’m not as religious as I used to be. I feel that people get caught up in an assumed superiority they think is associated with their race. I feel the stereotypes that are placed upon me, for example, make it difficult for people to get to know me as Kim. They are too caught up in the fact that my skin is dark. Some days a racial comment wont bother me, another day I may cry because it is exhausting. I believe that our similarities take precedence over our difference (color), and we must stop these disparaging attitudes towards those who are different (white, black, etc…)


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