Jesus Has Been Coming Back Since I Was Five Years Old

Since a very young age, I have learned of the second coming of Christ. I have learned that He died for every single wrong I have done and He is making a second return to take me away to be in blissful eternity with Him, and our Father, God.

Growing up living with my Grandparents, my Grandpa had an, in my opinion, unhealthy obsession with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). We weren’t allowed to watch “The Simpsons” for quite sometime, or read my favorite, scary stories. He would constantly tell me “You’re going to Hell!”

We kept both TV’s on TBN watching all kinds of TV shows, Documentaries, Movies (China Cry was my favorite), and End Time news specials (Jack Van Impe). I say that TBN contributed to many of my childhood nightmares and anxieties when the weather changed because TBN had a way if envoking fear as Jesus’ second coming was disussed.

Why So Long?

Five years old was a very long time ago. In addition to being a very long time of being warned of the second coming. Why did TBN as I am sure other ministers did, preach His return so imminetely? Also, why wasn’t my understanding cultivated? I was afraid to go to Hell all the time. I hated TBN and yet in my adult hood I found myself watching it for some sense of hope. Why was my Grandpa so ignorantly obsessed over a TV station?

Jesus hasn’t returned yet, and the good news is my fear and anxiety over what it all means has subsided ALOT. I should be an Atheist. It would be justified. I still fear death, but I fear it at a sensible age. Five was not.

Thank you for reading
Kimberly Brock


2 thoughts on “Jesus Has Been Coming Back Since I Was Five Years Old

  1. I think many children are scared into believing in God. This is no more than brainwashing and indoctrination. I was no exception when I grew up. I remember a couple of bad dreams when I was little that were no doubt spawned from the church.
    God is love, and that is what we should have been taught and what we should teach our children. After learning this, I had a totally different outlook and opinion of the true Christian faith. However, we need to learn and emphasize to others that we are to FEAR God. Through fear, we learn respect, but its not the kind of fear that is “being afraid”. It needs to be realized that it is a fear of losing God’s love and favor.


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