When That One Person Decides They Don’t Like You

I am at work with not much to do but with many thoughts circulating my head. One Person that I do not directly work a long side, but work in the same department has decided that the do not like me. Reasons are well apparent when they influence others to glance my direction while they are speaking and I over hear the phrase, “you’re mean”. I know some of the things this person has said but for the sake of not shedding light on nonsense I will not reiterate it. Why  is insulting others in a group setting so appealing and attractive? I haven’t aggravated or provoked this person, but strangely enough since the moment I have started this job (2010), this has gone on. I could come to the conclusion that I am so tired of it, but I am so encouraged by the reality that my life and death doesn’t depend upon who says what about me. Also, I think insults are deeply correlated to self esteem meaning how the other person views themselves (not my problem).

“You’re mean” is absolutely correct as well as being ignorant. With the exception of one person I don’t get a long with, I have absolutely no issue with anyone I work a long side, and to be spoken of amongst others rudely is quite annoying. I’m glad I am maturing.


One thought on “When That One Person Decides They Don’t Like You

  1. You are probably correct about their insecurities. They see you as a threat possibly. Many of lifes problems can make us smarter, better, humble, etc. We can use other people’s ignorances for examples and thats when we become examples for others. How you act or react says alot about your character. The biblical saying of “turn the other cheek” is usually the response that we need to use. Also the verse Romans 12:20, “Therefore if your enemy hungers, feed him; if he thirsts, give him drink. For in so doing, you will heap coals of fire on his head”. The same goes by us complimenting or helping those people that wrong us. And do it without any thought of anything in return.


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