Selflessness Gives God Honor, So Why am I Selfish?

Today during post-sermon worship, the Lord put on my heart how selfish I’d been in my pursuits. This revelation no doubt made me a tad angry because it was true, also because this revelation is calling me to be communal. Being communal in church is probably one of my greatest fears. I feel also that I am too old to fear rejection, but, unfortunately, it is still amongst my greatest fears. So many of my pursuits the last 2 years have so deeply been embedded in my need to be happy and whole; to feel wanted and necessary. Needless to say many of these pursuits have left me unhappy and I deeply felt that during worship. But what I found amazing is the restlessness of God’s enemy who would be so bold as to distract me while in the house of God. Anyway selfishness doesn’t draw us into the community it keeps is away and that is what I learned today.


2 thoughts on “Selflessness Gives God Honor, So Why am I Selfish?

  1. It’s ironic that you would mention this. I think some of the best feelings I have ever had came from helping others. Everyone needs to feel wanted or needed to be happy, but if we think about it, we should strive to do things for God out of pure love and willingness. Of course, God doesn’t need our help or love, he just desires for us to do it from our heart.


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