Loving People Who Have Mistreated You

What a difficult task huh?

God has led me to a exposé of my own anger towards those who have hurt me in the past. However deep the wounding, I have had to go to him repeatedly for healing, but to no avail.
I thought to myself: “What is taking so long?”. I did not understand the depth of wisdom God wanted to inpart to me on behalf of how to handle the situation and how to have “right thinking, right believing” toward this individual. I spoke with a friend about my struggle and thet replied “Look to Jesus”. Look to Jesus was not the answer I was looking for. I was looking for steps on how to deal with and rid myself of this misery of thinking wicked thoughts towards this someone. These thoughts were malicious, condescending and creatively wicked, ringing Satan’s bell of familiarity. After the conversation with my friend and I ended, I prayed and professed “Jesus, I look to you” I prayed, looking to him for understanding of why I think so poorly of this person and how I should respond to them. The Lord laid very important insight on my mind and heart which is eradicating those horrible thoughts. It’s tough. I do not want to think bad thoughts toward them, I desire their friendship as well as God’s will to be done in their life. The Lord needs people who are going to love each other even in the worst odds. The Lord wants us to reach out to those whom it seems Salvation is impossible for. Why? Because they are His, too.

-Kimberly Brock


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