Family Ties All Broken

Periodically, my family has a gathering of some kind: a birthday, sporting event broadcasted on television or a holiday. Attending is definitely not obligatory,but it is traditional. Tonight, after coming home from my uncle’s celebration, I told my sister that everytime I leave my grandma’s house I feel sad. (I did not mention to her that I also felt anxiety which makes me feel often when I am there that is time to go. 

I have two other uncle’s that were horrible to my brothers and sisters and I during our childhood.  I remember how my youngest uncle would say “I hate them kids”. I never understood why he hated us; specifically, me, but that left a deep wound in my heart that affected me in my adulthood with relationship to men.
We each have accumulated habits that have resulted from a good or bad childhood. And from a personal perspective, there are more habits I have than I would care to admitt–the result of a broken home.


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