Sense of Self

The last two months have proven to be very stressful. The usual stress ignition for me is financial woes (not knowing where rent money is going to come from). This time has involved people. A tale of gossip, and a needy friend who wouldn’t let go of the possibility of a relationship, even after my muse on friendship-motivate. The two situations while I tried my best to not let either get to me reaped their consequence in anxiety, and depression.  I’m fooling myself if I think someone  spreading lies and starting rumors about me to my own sister will not upset me. I’m also a fool to think someones constant persistence while I remain uninterested in their advances wouldn’t have a affect on my thought process. Glitches in life are apart of life. We will inevitably go through things, it’s something we cannot avoid. The test of those situations is; however, how we accept what is going on, and work through those dark moments of anger and frustration. If we don’t take the opportunity to learn, we’ve wasted valuable time we could have spent learning, and growing as a person.

Those situations are still in my mind, but as I approach a new school semester, I must focus. I cannot allow outside forces to detour my focus from my goal (drama can do that).  I must prioritize my thoughts and stay on the path of growth and bettering my self, and life.


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