That Weird Uncle Who Hates His Blackness

I have an uncle (my mother’s older brother) who is a weird weirdo. he’s a racist who doesn’t like women who are black (with dark skin). I know, I know, stuuupid, but people have some complex thoughts sometimes. It is this weird black community thing, a self hatred that spills over into how certain members of family are treated. my uncle for the record has very dark skin, which I interpret as self-hatred. He gave my sisters and brothers, and I a very hard time growing up specifically because of our skin color, and for myself, it took some time to finally feel myself and feel comfortable in my own black skin. One of the things that I am coming to terms with is that you must have a forgiving attitude toward people. I don’t think much of my uncle for the anger in his own heart, and how it has affected me, but I can move on with my own life and live it to the best of my ability regardless of how ignorant he feels about his own blackness.


One thought on “That Weird Uncle Who Hates His Blackness

  1. very very stupit….my husband is Black Latino.I’m latina. he never denieds he is black. He won’t say “I’m latino”..never! He defends his blackness to the fullest. Our daughter is mix, and he wants her to be raised with both black and latino culture. I love my black men..=)


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