Update on My Life–Vacation, Schoool, etc…

I’m very busy lately studying a summer course in Astronomy. Like I probably mentioned in my previous post, I am enjoying it very much. In other news, I am about 70% ready for Burning Man (first time) this year. My next buys will be a cooler (so that I can eat and drink things), and lights, lots, and lots of lights..oh, and batteries to power said lights. I’ve also emailed one of my teachers pitching my case to start a week later since most of the first week of any school semester (college) is all the business administrative stuff. He’s offered to send me some materials early to get me started which I am glad about, now all I need to do is find away to get home Monday morning of September 2nd (Here’s hoping for the best from that point). One thought I have toward Burning Man is that amidst all of the ways in which people judge the event; specifically, people who have not gone, I have to say that what I have researched so far seems pretty cool. And although I may not be into everything that it has to offer, I am looking forward to being involved in a substantial amount of what will be there. Including a new writer’s workshop “Get Lit(erary) At Burning Man.” 

I am looking forward to the second half of this year. Part one was quite an interesting journey; personal growth, a lost friendship, and a settlement with the importance of honest all of which I feel are continuous strides in catapulting maturity and personal success.

And, that’s it.



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