Finding My Writing Voice

I feel as though I’ve hit a snag in my progression as a writer. I don’t believe I quite have a “writer’s voice”, and what I mean is that I don’t believe that my writing style is identifiable. Many people are equipped to create and once they create and their work is published, you know that it’s them within the pages, you’re reading their unique, and intriguing style of writing. I truly desire that.  I suppose that I’m also thinking to much into developing my own style. The real key to growing up as  a writer is to do as much reading and writing as you possibly can while supporting yourself, and truth be told, that is a very difficult thing to do, and in for some, it requires planning.

I’ve thought about my ideal voice, and I cannot say that I really have one. I like the idea of recognition for what i will eventually be able to do with a pen a paper, or in this case a laptop, but I desire uniqueness and stability to my work. I truly want to be one with my writing in a way that impacts and helps people while being creative.


thank you for reading …



4 thoughts on “Finding My Writing Voice

  1. you can write sis. don’t give up and keep doing what you do best. writing is such a great gift to have. not many people have it but some are beyond profound without measure!


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