Myth, The Power of Myth, Christanity, Objectivity, Understanding, and Your Thoughts

*I published this on my Facebook page on August 21st, 2013.

Lately, I’ve been reading mythical tales (Primal Myths, Sumerian myths, etc.) and The Power of Myth, Bill Moyers’s PBS interview with Joseph Campbell, and it’s really made me considered similarities in Myth and Religion, and reconsidered (and somewhat begin reconstructing) my own beliefs. To some degree they can be interchangeable, as a religion can be identified as a myth that a person(s) adopted as truth, and implement what originated as a mythological tale onto the “masses” as the ultimate validity of life’s purpose or value. What’s unfortunate is the Myth, (which are tales to enlighten and/or entertain) when converted to religion, turns on the masses in a bit of fury and unrealistic expectation, and possibly renders the follower oppressed. I can only compare my understanding of Myth to my understanding of the religion of Christianity. From what I’ve learned thus far, my journey to truly understanding Christianity can bring more clarity and objectivity through the lens of mythology than through the lens of religion.


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