University, and Others

I’m on to my last semester at Los Angeles City College. We start February 10th, and I’m set to take a couple of very difficult classes, including, Statistics, English (World Literature II), and Deductive Logic (Why? I really don’t need this). Once I’m done with those three individually challenging courses, I’m (hopefully) on to California State University at Long Beach. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the prestige, I love the neighborhood, and there is a delicious Pizza place not far from the campus, Deli News. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to write updates on my blog because I really don’t often know what to write about, and I feel the need to outline most, if not all, of what I need to say regularly, so that my thoughts don’t run off, and I can’t relocate them.

some updates, or whatever

I finished a book called Godless by Dan Barker, the head guy over at Freedom From Religion Foundation. The book was a completely challenge to everything I grew tired of believing, but still wanted to in some way hang on to because Religion is Powerful. Anyway, I can no longer stomach all of the contradictions of the bible, yet being black, and believing the bible is complete nonsense is the equivalent of digging your own grave with a fork, and that’s only secondly worse to being black and homosexual. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I pray whatever is going to happen, will happen, how much can I do to change the course of my life with prayer? I wish that I could have seen the signs years ago, and I wouldn’t have wasted my time praying that some how, some way, God would drop financial security in my lap, or elevate me in some failing church. Grief is so stupid.


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