-No-Expectations are Romantic

Romance is a game within a game, really, some strange labyrinth that requires participants to seek, and play. Play with emotions, and time. That one relationship that got away, and you felt like you wasted time investing into what would eventually fail.Lure me, seduce me, manipulate me says romance, but don’t take me seriously, don’t fall in love with me. It’s all too crazy, and convincing and real.

You’re smart enough to convince yourself to never take a man seriously. If you know what’s good for your heart, you’ll never see a man as a man, just a toy to be played with for the purpose of some gain. DON’T TAKE MEN SERIOUSLY,  and you’ll avoid being hurt, and having to start over and over again with some other bastard.

I hope you don’t believe any of the shit I’m telling you because none of it is what true romance is. Romance  is that thing inside of someone you love and that draws you to them, that thing you’re drawn to. That thing could be their smell, the sex, they way them make you laugh, and why you’re laughing that deep laugh in the first place. Oh, and about the sex, it’s the most memorable experience of your life at various points in time. You get it! You get them! Hell come high water, you get it, and if you don’t’ get it, you’re doing everything you can to try and get it, get them. Understanding that romance is an adventure with another–frightening, maddening, frustrating,a risk, but such is the Human Experiences.


One thought on “-No-Expectations are Romantic

  1. Romance is different for different people and definitely different between most men and women. Many, or most, men think romance is physical and romance a woman to win her or to get sex. Most women think of romance as an emotional thing.
    There are some men that think romance is a game or contest. They may compete between each other or compete with the woman to obtain or win the prize. But once the prize is won, some men tend to lose interest because the thrill of the hunt or competition is gone and they go on to the next prize. In some cases, a woman will tease or play the game and stay one step ahead. This can result in a heightened interest from the man, or can result in a loss of interest also.
    Romance should start with conversation. There are many things that can be learned between people when they talk.


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