I’m Having a Hard Time Being Motivated to Write

Quite a few things have happened in the past few weeks that have made me frustrated, and annoyed, but has also inhibited my writing. I feel that I can become a very good, and successful writer, but the problem is that I haven’t gotten up to the discipline of writing each day. Especially, when I am working and having to deal with work place drama (which I hate), work place drama that is completely avoidable, but the laziness of my superiors keeps the engine running constantly. My motivation to write most often comes from a clear mind, even if I am feeling upset, the motivation is with thinking through those rough situations and finding the creativity to formulate works; short stories, poems, or simply my thoughts. Writing for me tells me that I am a thinker, and that what I have to say has some substantiation in this world, even if one person reads my blog(s). Sometimes, I don’t feel like I am cut out to be a writer, but then I think about all of the daydreaming I did while growing up, and the constant stories I am formulating in my head as an adult. I’m there. I’m in that zone of creativity, I just need to get over the hump of laziness, and insecurity regarding my writings–and what I have to say. It’s hard, but I believe I’ll manage it because I’m still working at my craft. I will write! I will be a success.
How do you stay motivated, and consistent?


3 thoughts on “I’m Having a Hard Time Being Motivated to Write

  1. I have the same problem. I lack the motivation. I can comment on posts and rebuttals, but it seams that there are too many distractions going on around me that kills any real motivation.
    I can sit for hours reading news on the internet or posts from friends on Facebook, but my enjoyment of writing is at a stand still.
    The worst part about my problem is procrastination. If it is warm and sunny outside, that’s where I want or need to be. I keep telling myself that once winter comes, I’ll sit down and start again. Well, I’m still waiting.


  2. I understand your pain; writing can be a real drag. However, that urge, that knowing that you’ll keep going is the first step in your motivation. Since you know you WILL write, it’s already decided. You just need to hold that feeling, let it take over. The words will flow in no time. All you have to do is put pen to paper and let it all out.


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