Depression: Day TWO Call Back

I got a call back from a mental health clinic that set me up with an appointment on December 1st. I feel good about that, and maybe I can get some tools that will help me get my life (and brain) in order. I spoke with my Anger Management counselor about my frustrations, and he pointed out that the reason I was frustrated was because, in so many words, I wanted the red carpet rolled out to me, and to be ushered into an office  for help. That wasn’t true, but my frustration was that I’d called nearly 11 places in two days and most of those place routed me to other places, basically, I was getting phone numbers. He seemed irritated and confused by what I was saying, and he was half way being insulting. We all have our bad days, but if  for instance you’re an Anger Management coach and you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe it wouldn’t be  a good idea to deal with people for that day. That is just my opinion, however, I’ve decided not to call him back for a few months until I work out my own hang ups. There is only so far he, or anyone else can carry me, then I really need to fly on my own. I am looking forward to being more responsible and progressive. I don’t think that this journey will be easy. I believe that I have a tough road ahead, but I think also that my thinking has to mature, and I have to learn consistency. I think those are my success points.


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