Freelance Writing

I have given a lot of thought about venturing into the world of freelance writing. I am out of work. I have about thirty dollars to my name, and all kinds of time on my hands. I feel that I do not have much more to lose by trying my hand at freelance writing. From what I have been told so far, it is not easy. It’s a constant hustle. I feel like that has been the whole of my adult life; constant uncertainty, frustration, lack of means to survive in this crazy town (Los Angeles), and fear surrounding “what will happen”. Many times I did not know how I was going to pay my rent, and sadly I got used to that type of anxiety while hating it at the same time hating it with my whole heart and soul. The man that I really cared for did not feel the same, and so this risk comes with a little bit of heartbreak, too. I hate failed relationships. I hate feeling humiliated for my feelings, and not being able to really explain to him why I regretted all of the feelings I had for him, and the frustration of his rejecting me. In his words “Relationships don’t always work, but people keep trying. They don’t give up.” Today, those words do not help me, but I am willing to be very specific about my risks now,however, not involving another human being because those failed risks are extra painful. Writing, however, may not be such a painful risk. I love writing, and I’m very critical of what I write, and my need to write well for any reason. I also feel that I am “in my zone,” so to speak, when I am writing which helps my focus, and goal orientation. Let us see what happens.


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