What is Happening to Respect for Grammar and Punctuation?

Original Article: Michael Alsbury identified as dead Virgin Galactic pilot; probe begins

I was looking at the Los Angeles Times website for articles to read and found an article about test pilot, Michael Alsbury, who died during a Virgin Galactic test flight. What struck me most about the article itself was how poorly it was written, and how the article seemed to be more about a bit of everything else besides Mr. Alsbury. There were a couple of paragraphs about who he was, but it really felt like a filler article about those who surrounded him. I probably must understand that there are times when the writer has a limited time to write, not to mention limited resources, so  we have to go on what evidence we are able to produce, as well as our quick ability to produce quality articles. The Los Angeles Times is a prominent news paper, so the lack of focus, and poor grammar this article seems to have has surprised me. I suppose digital news writing is a lot different because there is an immediacy to producing content. There is only so much room for content in the Los Angeles Times’ physical print copy, but its internet website opens the door for more writers and content, which I definitely understand. However, there seems to be a disintegrating respect for proper punctuation and grammar as though it is expected that the reader will simply “get” what the writer is trying to convey. A good reader, and writer who understands the rules of writing would have a hard time accepting the content of this particular article because it shows a lack of respect for communication, and the art form of writing.

For those of you who are writers, do you believe that I am paying more attention to the “less important” investment in the quality of the article, or do you agree that there needs to be better investments, as writers, into the quality of what is written?


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