Research Enthusiast


I enjoy researching topics of my interest. Going through Junior High and High School specifically, students aren’t as exposed to something like American History like they possibly should be,  subsequently some keys of our history are not accessible until the student have moved on to college, or they seek out researching at their leisure. I like to do a bit of both. One of the best books introduced to me in college was Greg Palast’s The Best Democracy Money can Buy because it was raw and in your face, unapologetic about corporations, war, and foreign policy regarding the United States. I wish I understood more about foreign policy. Anyhow, I  believe that we should all strive to know our countries characteristics and behaviors on a governmental level because it will give us context to how we are to speak about our country. We will not know everything obviously, but personal research, from my personal perspective, is quite enlightening. Lately, I have been researching the Black Panther Party of the 1967s-1975(??), and so far I’ve gotten to COINTELPRO also know as the Counter Intelligence Program, the program primarily responsible for destabilizing the Black Panther Movement, and I’ve watched The Black Power Mixtape:

I’ve seen a few things, but I won’t make a list here. The reason I am studying this is because it was something I was never taught during school. It’s apart of United States history, and the teachers and writers of our history books did not have time put it in the books. I’d encourage you all to find your interests and research them. Be informed for personal growth and knowledge. I say research enthusiast because gaining knowledge can be an enjoyable journey, and personally or even professionally rewarding. Happy hunting!


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