Classic Hip-Hop Journey: Ice Cube “Death Certificate”

Ice Cube- “Death Certificate”


I listen to a lot of hip hop. I love it. I enjoy it’s forwardness and the beats get me excited or nostalgic depending on the nature of the song. I appreciate the artists who stay true to themselves, and avoid trying to sell a gimmick or lies about themselves, as well as, those who are creative and are not afraid to explore their creativity. However so great a love I have for hip-hop music, many albums that have been etched in hip-hop history as “Classic” I’ve never listened to, so for the next month or so, maybe, I’m going to listen to a bunch of classic hip-hop albums and share with you guys what I think of the albums and the overall content as much as I can.

The first album I’ve listened to was Ice Cube’s 1991 release Death Certificate. Now this album obviously has some controversial lyrics to it, but what I liked about this album was the authenticity. Ice Cube sounded exactly like a disgruntled young person who was frustrated with the type of life that he inherited, and the implications that his life and experiences were a consequence of his color, but that does not hold Cube back from speaking his mind unapologetic. A+ album, especially the beats. Some of the content cracked me up (Robin Lench), also made me feel Los Angeles (I already live here). I don’t really want to dive into the historical content of the album, but I think that what was going on in Los Angeles in the 1980s and early 1990s speaks volumes to why this album was what it was. Wonderful work, and a definite masterpiece in my opinion.

Favs: “Steady Mobbin'”, “Horny Lil Devil”, “Doin’ Dumb Shit”, “Color Blind,” and “No Vaseline”


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