Summer Break, and Sex

Hey everyone,

My semester is over, and now I can relax and enjoy some time off before heading back to school in August. Well, that Spring Semester was a true doozy (??). I learned a lot , and some hard lessons at that. I am a transfer student. I went to Los Angeles City College, then transferred to California State University, Long Beach. CSULB is an excellent school. They provide a lot of resources to everyone, if you just seek it out. I’ve also landed on two clubs Sisterfriends, and BAPS which is an organization central to mentoring young black women as they transition on to the college atmosphere. I think it is a great idea, but I am not entirely sure if I want to commit to it or not. I’m still considering things. Oh, and about the sex  thing well, HEY, it’s summer time. I think that my ambition is to have as much sex as possible before I return to school without time to invest in getting to know men. So far, I’ve had the experiences  that I want. Have a great summer, all.


2 thoughts on “Summer Break, and Sex

    1. It’s kinda of looked down upon for women to speak that way without being compares to a trampy person. We aren’t all easy like that, but some of us prefer to have our needs met while maintaining our sense of self.


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