Thinking of the Past

This morning I found myself thinking of someone who I feel did me wrong. He was someone I really cares for and wanted to be with. He strung me along for two years, and while some of you might say that it was my fault for sticking around, in my own defense, I was honest as much as I could have been while not stringing him along in return. Anyway after a while, I didn’t really see him as a good person and I gave him a piece of my mind about his false persona of “I think different than most” and “My brain operates differently.” I can’t stand the guy, and he is the only guy I have ever been involved with who I felt deserved bad things to happen to him. Anyway, I haven’t spoken to him in a year. He also had a routine of lying about “We will talk soon…” I wish I could tell him he is trash. I feel backed into a corner; although he knew what he did wasn’t right, he also felt like he didn’t do anything wrong, and didn’t feel he owed me an apology. Explain that? I am confounded, and the issue is unresolved, so I feel stuck. I hate him.


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