The Professor from Hell

This past fall semester at my University, I had one of the worst teacher I’ve  had since my days in High School. This woman was so disorganized constantly changing the dates of the assignment , spending more time during lectures talking about herself more than anything; the fact that she’s a lesbian, the fact that she’s a feminist, and her cat more than she did actually teach the requirements of the course. 

What I find the most ironic and moronic of this professor where her lectures from the website, during a few weeks of being taught literary criticism. Her excuse for using this website was that she was looking for a particular theory through our academic online database, but Wikipedia was “really really good” in her words. However, on our final which consisted of six short answer questions she explained to me, when I did not understand one of the questions, that I was required to compare Wikipedia literary criticism to the literary criticism definitions in our textbook and show why was not a very reliable source. This made no sense to the fact she spent more than one time during our lectures lecturing from Another thing that really got me, something that she had experience with another student that came my way at the end of this semester, was that I wanted to speak to her privately about some struggles that I was having in the class with turning in assignments. She is suggested that I meet with her at a designated time to discuss the nature of my grade and what I can do to help myself and wrote down the date and the time that we would meet. I got up to go to school on public transportation like  usually  to my school’s campus to meet her, and lo and behold she was not there. Some of my classmates where their spending time independently studying because classes also been canceled for that day in preparation for the semester end conferences the following week. I briefly spoke with them about whether or not the teacher had come to class to at least drop off our number two paper assignments which had taken a month for her to give back , they all said “no” that she had not come at all. I became very upset because this woman’s class was the only class I have for the  and I travel all that way just for her not to be there. I sent her an email explaining that it takes me 2 hours to get to campus and I was very disappointed that she wasn’t there. After the series of events, not to mention her reminding us that when she turns back papers or does something nice for us that should be an incentive for us to put positive marks on the teacher evaluations at the end of the semester, I went to speak with my department chair about this woman’s actions.

When I visited the department chair and explained the issues that I was having with this particular professor, I was dismissed  very wholeheartedly by the excuse that this teacher have five classes, alluding to her being very busy and that it was not uncommon for teachers to lecture from Wikipedia or to take a month or longer to pass back writing assignment. I felt that I was blown off by this woman who is an intellectual for a teacher she probably was friends with, but who is severely, rather, is severely incompetent in teaching course material effectively. Many students in the department that I am in have had issues with the way  this woman teaches, her professionalism, and her respect for students.

I sincerely hope doesn’t that this woman moves on to a profession to which she has a passion because teaching is most definitely not her passion nor her strong suit.


2 thoughts on “The Professor from Hell

  1. Yikes teaching from Wikipedia?! That is awful. Clearly she isn’t qualified to teach. It’s unfortunate that sometimes people who are otherwise brilliant in their field can’t transfer that intelligence to teaching.

    I’m going to be doing a blog shortly on what to do when you don’t get along with your professor. I appreciate you writing your experience, it gives me some more ideas on what to focus on.

    Best of luck!

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