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Conspiracy Theorist (Poem)

Conspiracy Theorist

by Kim Brock

***Note: The DJ’s and websites I make reference to as far as my knowledge are not real, for the rhyme scheme I made them up.

Oh My God! I had this dudes song on my iPod.
I wrote blogs about his music…How could he do this?
Oh, I think he did it? and dedicated his song to the devil, I think?
I heard he did. If so
it’s all wrong…!
I read  on “so-and-so-dot-com-slash-youtube-dot-dot-slash, whatever
that if you play his song backwards
fear’ll rush in and make your heart stop and mouth drop
Now I’m chasin the links to every other featured artist on his tracks
Oh My God! ‘He’ worships the devil too
when will this madness end inside me
I’m scared to turn on the radio I might hear him and be manipulated by his super Illuminati powers or
be a builder of his devilish tower
I’m going crazy now. in the corner of my room writing every Illuminati power i read about on conspiracy dot com
Oh My God!  even Satan has the souls of dj tom, dj 123 and dj alarm

I”m a Christian
seeking the word of God through conspiracy theories
the word of the Lord
in hardcore Illuminati horror videos and forums
Christ aint preached i’m supposedly seeking him in meekness
in these things.
Furthering the gospel, amen! In the expose of this world
I’m bloggin’ again showin the world that their favorite rapper is a devil worshippin satanist
God isn’t glorified but “truth” is goin forward
Jesus isn’t preached
but I know who’s practicing free masonry
I’m at peace now, my gospel is preached
i’m on the prowl searching for the souls of those that worship
the occult and when find em i’ll  bolt to my blog, bolt  to my notebook
and record it.
this world is messed up and my ‘research’ will re-order it.

God bless

Copyright ©  2010