What do you think when people say “Religion”?

In many of my older blog posts, I talk a lot about Christianity. I discuss what it means to be righteous, or to be honest, personally accountable to your own choices and mistakes, my own grappling with living a Christian lifestyle in this society, and so on. I was very dedicated and devoted to the legality of Christianity, but I never could, at the time align myself with the mysticism of it; the spirituality of Christianity. I thought I could find the link in Pentecostalism because I believe that Pentecostalism has ties to witchcraft, in it’s expression and how they believe that Jesus can literally invade the body and control it. To me, that believe is related to spiritual possession or demonic possession. Anyway, I was committed to becoming as close to go, through Christ, as possible and I really thought the type of expression of Pentecostalism was the way. One thing about it is that the expression lends it self to expression as an outlier to what the bible talks about, the overall meaning of the bible. The two aren’t that relatable unless you reference a lot of the book of Acts because much of Pentecostalism is emotion based, and what ‘you’ might feel individually when you are “in the presence of God.”

Now that I’m older, and I’ve gotten away from having concrete beliefs in Christianity, I think of religion as ideas, beliefs, and a lifestyle that has more to do with cultural background, as opposed to who or what is the way. And, I think those cultural differences are what causes problems among some of the larger religious groups (Islam/Christianity).  What I believe now is that whatever you believe is your choice, and whatever connects close to your heart, and the way that you want to live. I know that that is vague answering, and does not really give a comprehensive answer to what I believe, but for me it is that simple at my initial thought. I have met people of different backgrounds and different beliefs, and I don’t think the at the variety makes a difference if you don’t hold your self accountable to what you know for sue is right, like treating people with decency and respect, if they show you respect as well.

Maybe I’ll elaborate on this at another time.



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